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About Me

Welcome to Jewels 4 Diva Styles Boutique

Hello, I am Tonya and I am an Independent Consultant with Paparazzi and known as the Diva Bling Boss.  I love  sharing my passion of jewelry and fashion with my Diva Squad and sharing my knowledge with my  team. Wait a minute.... This just started out as me joining for the discount but quickly turned into me enjoying what I am doing with Paparazzi so much I wanted to share with others the fun, always fashionable and flirty pretties, and because of that I now have an extended family(My Diva Squad) and a sisterhood that is phenomenal with The Blessed Beauties and this has pushed me to become the consultant that I am today with goals and a drive to pay off credit and build my inventory and customer base to bring pretties to everyone around the world.

In seeing me with my drive and my joy my family is behind me 100 percent and assist me in any way possible from modeling the pretties, to taking pictures of the jewelry to assisting with the apps and also helping with inventory and invoicing along with giving input on what to show on my Facebook and Instagram lives,what they would like to see or wear. It has truly become a family affair for Jewels 4 Diva Styles Boutique and I appreciate the support from my family. 

Want to make your own journey or become a part of the Diva Squad to get those exclusive 1st picks of pretties please join us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube at Jewels 4 Diva Styles Boutique. 

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